Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tonic: Smith Electric Font

I was given the logo for Smith Electric and was told to finish the alphabet based off of what was already there with the logo. X was the most annoying to construct believe it or not. N and Y had to go through several variations until it fit with the rest of the system. This was a lot of fun.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tonic: KC Destinations Map

I created this map to show all the locations involved in the Kansas City Destinations project.

Tonic: Projects I've worked on Round 1

I know I already posted this City Wide brochure I created, but I figured it couldn't hurt to show it again.
I do some work on taking ads and super imposing them into contextual images like these Coke truck backs and the billboards.
I sometimes have to resize ads and bump content around to fit more onto the page, like the logos on the bottom of this print ad.

I was also put in charge of creating t-shirts for each of the four KC Destination ad components, like this one of Jesse James.
And I was in charge of creating a facebook page for the KC Destinations campaign in general. I'll be in charge of updating that on a semi-regular basis, which is cool. 
Apart from that I've worked on updating Tonic's website, I've made some web banners that I'll post in a bit, I've been in charge of incorporating sound clips onto websites/presentation materials, and some other cool stuff :)