Thursday, January 29, 2009

Typo Semester 2, project 1, post C: A few from Stage 1

These are a few screenshots of type and image parings that I feel are strongest so far. The next step is, of course, to add the type into the images themselves. Those images will come soon :) 

VISCOM Semester 2- Project one- Post A: Magic Act

I chose Magic Act as my topic for the first stage of the latest vis com project. 

I have always been fascinated by magic and magicians, Houdini has always been one of my heros. At first the topic was going to be Magic Mishaps but I felt that that was quite a bit limiting and have thus decided to broaden my topic a bit by renaming it Magic Act. 

My ten words include: Magician, Assistant, Rope, Bunny, Handcuffs, Top Hat, Cards, Blades, Tiger, Gloves, and Smoke. I know that's 11, but I figured having one more word than was necessary would serve me well, should I be unable to find 5 images for each. :) 

Some of my found imagery can be seen in this post, When I scan in the images I have found in my magazines and books I will add them. 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Typo Semester 2, project 1, post A: Words from a binder clip

The word list we generated in class, and that I have since added to, exists as follows (with a focus on words marked with a*): Office, Unity*, Structure, Organized, Hold, Bind, Collect*, Pinch, Trap*, Contain, Freedom, Control*, Tension*, Struggle*, Preservation*, Dominating*, Pain*, Protect*, Importance, Escape(d)*, Empty*, Need, Use

In continuation of the list, and after reviewing the words, a theme of family has seemed to emerge. Broken family through: Trap, control, tension, struggle, empty, dominating, and pain. With a final positive outlook through: Preservation, escape(d), protect (protection), and unity. This may be something I consider when we further explore this project. 


Music is a huge part of who I am. Since I have deemed it necessary to create a new post as the first in my second semester series, I figured music should be added to my blog as a means of inspiration and self preservation. I listen to music while I work, when I'm stuck, when I need to think, and when I need not to. It has almost always been my escape. When my grandma died, I remember listening to Fat Lip by Sum 41 over and over again. It numbed my soul and my head cleared the louder I played it. Maybe that makes sense to no one other than to myself, but it was my pain I needed to escape from. I thrive on music. I need the pulse and flow of a rhythm sometimes. Music inspires me and keeps me focused.