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Le Corbusier

So I came across this couch, and I figured I'd share it. Now you can take home a little piece of Corbusier from Regency Shop. I wonder what Crobusier would think about merchandise in his style being sold online...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Quote List: Winter 2010-11 & Final Spring Semester Senior Year 2011

Mackenzie: When John and Kate broke up, I cried.

Lance: Infomercials are NOT awesome.
Johnna: WHAT!? Shake Weight!

Johnna: It's like a hobo habitat.

Me (about the Wizard of Oz): This is always on now.
Dad: That's because kids like it, and they ran out of Christmas shit.

Mom: These earrings make me want to break out in a rendition of Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.

Dad: Take back all the queer stuff.

Vinnie: woosh.
Mom: You should be tired. You worked hard.

Mom: Gary Coleman died like three months ago. We had a moment of silence for him. That might not be true.

Mom: Dad thinks that Sherri thinks he's gay.
Nick: Sherri thinks your gay?
Dad: Did you see those shoes?

Me: Name an artist.
Kenny: Leonardo DiCaprio

Lynn: I've been ripped off by a lot of deaf people.
Cromwell: Cool!

Cromwell: Why do we spend the time burning someone when we could just shoot 'em?

Cromwell: Where are the bicycles- over there. Fuck you.

Lance: This is my squid, and I will call him Squiddy.

Cromwell: His sister: Where are the pictures of my kids?
Cromwell: I have no idea where they are. They're in a box somewhere.

Cromwell: "New York loves him for his oblique pragmatism." What the fuck is oblique pragmatism?

Cromwell: I don't understand this. This is brilliant.

Maeghan about my mugs: Oh they feel special.

Sam: There's not a single mother-fucker at KCAI that's Burt Reynolds.

Cromwell: We'll fuck on the back of the bus, won't we? ... I don't mean YOU people. I mean metaphorically.

Jenn: How's THAT going to work?
Jessica; probably just fine.

David: I was looking at my R2D2 when I woke up and I was wondering if I should open it up and carry it in my pocket as a good luck charm...

David: And Jenn doesn't know shit about art.

Sean: Yeah, I looked it up, Dmitri wouldn't tell me.

Dmitri: I'm committing myself to good ideas this semester.
Mo: It's good to have goals.

Kidwell: And finally.... who is that strange man, and what is he doing here?

Johnna: There will be the occasional black woman, and I'm like, "that's not in Troy."

Luke: I'd eat sand before I ate a baby.

Jason: I'm drunk and weeping. I wouldn't be sarcastic right now.

Dustin: He's not wearing anything.
Kidwell: At first I thought that was Paul Diamond. Not that I know anything about his anatomy...

Jessica: I love him, he covers everything in rhinestones...

Chris: Are you a senior?
Johnna: Yeah are you gonna down grade me some more?
Kidwell: Is that possible?

Kidwell: Hello justification. Are you optically aligning? Nay.

Chris to Dmitri: Maybe it was the typography in your book that made them not want to go into design.
Kidwell: WOooh. Bo-da-bah!

Kidwell: The Museum of Sex they did. Sadly there's no imagery.

Kidwell: I can tell. I'm like Santa.

Kidwell: I can go on for days about sponges.

Dmitri: Let's just face it. You suck at catching things.
Johnna: I can't help it, it's small, hard and misshapen.

Luke starts randomly laughing
Abigail: What?
Luke: Did you see the kitty on the roof?

Tyler: I tried to frighten you. I was gonna stand behind you until you turned around.
Abigail: Why did you want to frighten me?
Tyler: I thought you'd enjoy it.

Micah to me: You're the cake boss of design.

Kidwell: Don't laugh at this day.

Kidwell to me: What bitch do you want to grind?

Phyllis: Excuse me. I locked my stupid ass out of the office.
Reed hands her his key, She leaves.
Reed: I love Phyllis.

Dmitri: I mean what's he going to do, spank us?
Amanda: Oh my God I hope so.

Dmitri to Sean: If you get nervous and rabbit fuck the shit out of this...

Kidwell: Monument to lost virginity? ...perhaps.

Kidwell about Johnna being late: What do you bet that she comes in, and is like -sigh-?

Chris: Anyone seen Bryan Jones today?
Johnna: He disappears randomly.
Micah: He's a shape-shifter.

Luke: Seizure!

Kidwell: Flowers... fish...
Luke: Kisses...

Dustin: I wish he wasn't in photo, cuz I miss his body.

Sean: Oh my god, I don't know why I know this.
Johnna: We had this talk last night. You like Celine Dion and white chocolate mochas...

Jenn: I wished my hair produced flowers. I wished my something produced flowers.... wait....

Dmitri: Like "eat your beans today!"

Kidwell: Maybe I need to go to a confessional or something.

Johnna to Sean: Are you gonna get up and dance like a woman?

Kidwell: I think my mom made me a poncho once.
Dustin: That's the sketch for the poncho right there.
Kidwell: Not like that.

Dmitri: I drag the shit out of that.

Tammy: I wanna see you get a running start. That's why we have a runway.

Bryan: Carly I need an answer that only you know. What's the address of this place?

Lance: I can't just say "woah?"
Dmitri: Are you Keanu Reeves?

Kidwell: Good thing it's not completely dark in here and the room's full of knives.

Dustin: You're like the little girl previewing Brittany Spears.

Kidwell: And then there's the Give A Fuck factor.

Kidwell: It's shrimp scampi night at the Kidwell house. At some point your relationship boils down to a schedule.

Kidwell to Jessica: I want to slap you.

Kidwell: Hah haha ha..... asses.

Abigail: So I can start weeding some of these out...
Kidwell: Heh, "weed."

Mo: Lance? Do you have any crackers?

Dmitri: No, no, no. My coffee does not smell like spaghetti-o's. 

Dustin: There needs to be a "no fucking way" button.

Kidwell: You guys are going to be industrial designers when you leave, then Sean is going to have to find something else to do with his life.
Sean: What does that mean?

Kidwell: What!? There's the word "sex" in there! Oh my goodness. You can make a project out of anything. Now I understand the lipstick video....

Dmitri to Sean: That IS my pencil! I knew you had it, you bastard!

Mckenzie: My fingers smell like potatoes.


SPRING BREAK QUOTES (3-13 through 3-16)

Micah: I'm in the market for 100 count sheets. It's like sleeping in lotion.

Patrick: That's a fuckin' rat, bra!

Matthew: Let's make a design baby.

Lance (suddenly stops laughing): You have a pickle?
Mckenzie: Two!

Abigail: These are yours?
Flatstock Printmaker: Yep.
Abigail: Then I think I love you.
Flatstock Printmaker: I love you too, just don't tell my wife.


Kidwell: First day of spring! First day of spring!

Kidwell: Son-of-a-bitch-shit!

Kidwell: Are we waiting for anyone?
Micah: Bryan.
Kidwell: So we're not waiting for anyone.

Dustin: Just thinking of the dangers of cold poles...

Kidwell: No, no discourage, no.

Johnna: Pool of jell-o.
Kidwell: I don't get that.... would it be cut in squares?

Kidwell: They didn't have much to do besides pile the rocks.

Abigail: I'm supposed to bring a friend– even if they're kicking and screaming.
Lance: I'll punch you.

Does anyone have an old man dongle?
Mo: Lance does.

Micah:  Everyone else would let it go. We see it as opportunities.

Kidwell: Nooo don't touch that. Don't touch it!

Kidwell to Bryan: Now I'm starting to talk like you. I'm getting crazy.

Kidwell: I will never hit you. The bottle of coke flying across the room will hit you.

Kidwell: Anyone else? Micah Barta? Meredith? <- not in class

Kidwell: I can't tell you how many I sit through where they're just like "............. I'm done."

Kidwell: Where's my pointing stick?

Kidwell: Where arrowheads? Where?

Micah: I'm getting gifts left and right. I'm making out like a Mexican police chief.

Kidwell: Do they still pay for blood?

Tyler: You smoke cigars?
Mo: Yeah
Tyler: That's hilarious.

Sean: That's a good song.
Dmitri: I made it up myself.

Sean: My S key is screwed up.
Dmitri: Your S key.... We had this discussion last night. I even said, "Dude, your S key is effed up," and you laughed really hard...?

Kidwell: Have you made anything since we last met?
Mo: I made this.
Kidwell: What the hell is that?

Dustin: I just keep thinking of the word feces... It's my favorite word.
Luke: I said "huh" because I'm deaf and can't read your text.

Dustin: Lance? You can let the people at starbucks know that I am still surprised that there are raisins in my bagel when it's supposed to be multi grain.

Dmitri: Your favorite movie is Bad Boys II. You didn't like Ratatouille. You didn't like Wally. Case and point.

Kidwell: He's brain damaged, isn't he?

Sean: Carly? Do you know where my fucking exactos are?
Carly pulls off her headphones: What?
Sean: How was your day?

Dustin: He's a douche. He said, "booty slappin.'"

Amanda: Look at this bug I just killed
Johnna: Ew! You probably have AIDS.

Dustin: I had a rat that had mites once.

Kat, way too excited: I feel sick inside too!

Kidwell: It's deforming me!

Dustin: It's two-sweater weather, y'all.

Dustin: Doesn't it look like Lance is humping something?
Lance: Looks like my what is what?

Sean to Dmitri, while holding a tape measure: I wonder how far it is from my forehead to your forehead.

Josh Zink: I didn't get a salad. I got an orange.

Johnna: I feed raccoons crackers, but the one has started bringing friends to my house.

Kidwell: Would you know what W is? Water? White?

Me to Sean: Why are you so mock-snippy tonight?
Dmitri: Mock Snippy. Sounds like a rapper name. MS for short.

Johnna: I have to go I have real shit to do tomorrow.
Joe: I have to work.
Johnna: You work at Walmart in the garden center!

Johnna: I always have time to make babies.

Sean: I was going to drive to Blurb headquarters and burn it down.

Johnna: Everything grosses Dustin out, except floppy penises. Which grosses me out and I also like penis.

Bryan stands up to present his and Jessica's project
Kidwell: Why is Bryan doing this?

Johnna: I mean, I have patients. I take care of (...)....

Mo: Brian probably played with rocks.... Lots of rocks.

Tammy: Damn everybody. Everybody's shit.

Kidwell: If you ever want to feel better about your life, go to a hospital.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spat: Welcome to Anywhere (A Monument to Story Writing)


Note to Self

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break: Austin, Texas (March 13-16, 2011), video

This is the video that Abigail threw together showcasing all of the photos that she and Patrick took while in Austin.

A Texas Break from Abby Gallagher on Vimeo.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break: Austin, Texas (March 13-16, 2011)

Good food, good times, good memories. We were in Austin for 4 days, 3 nights, and we were just in time for SXSW. We were able to hit flatstock 2011 while we were there, and it was fantastic. We toured at the Livestrong headquaters, Pentagram's Austin branch, and Sanders/Wingo. It was a very inspiring trip. You should be able to view more photos by visiting the album I made on facebook.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spat: Exhibit Breakdown

Our exhibit (entitled "Bird's Eye View) portrays Le Corbusier's five points through the use of visual metaphor. Each of the five points are broken into their own color-coded section. Each section contains a text wall with supporting copy and one black-and-white full bleed image with a color callout. The color callout can be scanned with the program on the ipad that every museum patron receives for the duration of their show. Once the section of wall is scanned, the ipad reveals the visual metaphor that represents that point (for example, the supporting structures are seen as strong men through Le Corbusier's iPad eyes).

Spat: Final exhibit presentation

Le Corbusier Exhibit Design                                                            

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spat: Corbusier updated copy

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris was born in Switzerland in 1887. He was a zany kind of fellow. So zany in fact that at some point in the 20's he decided to start going by the name Le Corbusier (meaning "The Raven" in French). In addition to developing his self-inflicted bird name, Le Corbusier also created houses as a means of survival. As an architect, he lived by five general Utopian-type rules that you will learn morn about as you meander through this exhibit. The imagery on the walls will reflect a Bird's eye view of his five points, and the iPad provided for you will show you examples of reality.

Roof Garden:

The roof gardens for Le Corbusier were not merely gardens, but mini paradises that existed for a multitude of reasons. Having a garden on the roof returned any space that was lost when the building was created. Since the houses were constructed with concrete (which can crack due to prolonged exposure to heat and dry climates) the gardens were lined with a layer of sand. The sand helped trap moisture against the concrete and kept the roof from ultimately tumbling in on unsuspecting residents. 

Ribbon Windows: 

Who wouldn't want sunlight careening about an entire room? For Le Corbusier, the more light, the better. After experimenting for a while, he discovered that horizontal bands of windows allowed for eight-times better illumination. We don't know how he came to this conclusion, or why it is true, but then again we stopped asking questions long ago.


Pilotis (no that's not the French term for a really, really strong guy) are the architectural reference to supporting columns, or piers, in Le Corbusier's utopian world. The support's strength comes from the german engineering of reinforced concrete. Le Corbusier lifted the bulk of the structure off the ground, supporting it by these pilotis. The hyperbolic strength, in providing the structural support for the house, allowed him to elucidate his next two points: the free facade and open floor plan.

Free Design of the Ground Plan:

The absence of supporting walls means that the house is unrestrained in its internal usage and can contract or expand as it needs to, much like a balloon. The pilotis make it possible to have an endless amount of space for domestic interiors. Le Corbusier originally saw this solution as a way to break claustrophobia and make you feel the free and open horizons of space in the comfort of your own dwellings. With supporting pilotis, the interior walls are completely up to the proprietor and lets customization occur for business, domestic, or utopian use all around. This is an area where you can get caught up in the details, or you'll be lost in Le Corbusier of modular balloon of expansion.

Free Design of the Facade:
By projecting the floor beyond the supporting pillars, like a balcony all round the building, the whole facade is extended beyond the supporting construction. Le Corbusier designed the supports for his buildings in such a way that the structures are not dependant upon the exterior walls. This allows for the design of the facade to become a strictly aesthetic experience. One can add or remove pieces as easily as if it were a Mr. Potato head. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Artist Statement, Round Two

I classify who I am as an artist based on my eclectic interests and zany personality. I love everything from printmaking and ceramics to book design and photography. Although I am capable of designing for screen-based applications I have an enthusiasm for printed artifacts cannot be shaken. I am a quick thinker with a side of task-juggling madman. Humor makes everything more interesting, so I toss it into my work whenever I can. I'm kind of like a design jester without the tights.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Degree Project: Campaign Attributes

Really trying to get a solid grip on what I want this social campaign to do. Best place to start is at the basics. 

Vision Statement:
In a world where everyone is a stranger, it is my goal to help people take that first step of striking up a conversation with someone they've never met before in order to ultimately enrich each others lives.

Mission Statement:
I hope to provide the world with a visual way of breaking the ice through the use of this social campaign.

Brand Essence:
Introduce Yourself.
Start talking.
Meet someone new.

Brand Attributes:
This system needs to be friendly, intriguing, multi-lingual, open-ended, and potentially swappable (which would entail some form of modularity).

Key Beliefs:
I believe that everyone has something to offer, and something to gain from everyone that they pass. I believe that a simple introduction can open the door to the world and sometimes all we need is a jumping point.

Target Audience:
Young adults (aged approximately 19-26) and anyone else that could benefit from networking and social interaction. People looking to meet new people. People looking for friends or random stories.

ProPrac: Business Cards Round 2.0 mockups (2-17)

A little bit of humor, some Batman yellow, a mini-scale, and a super swell url. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Photography: Favorites

In January I was asked to join a group of photographers who had the goal of taking one photo every day of the year. These two photos are from that collection. I've been documenting all of my photographs for the project on a blog (big surprise, right?). You can view that blog and the rest of the photos here. I love batman. And toys. :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spat: Exhibit Copy

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris was born in Switzerland in 1887. He was a zany kind of fellow. So zany in fact that at some point in the 20's he decided to start going by the name Le Corbusier (meaning "The Raven" in French). In addition to developing his self-inflicted bird name, Le Corbusier also created houses as a means of survival. As an architect, he lived by five general Utopian-type rules that you will learn morn about as you meander through this exhibit. The imagery on the walls will reflect a Bird's eye view of his five points, and the iPad provided for you will show you examples of reality.

The roof gardens for Le Corbusier were not merely gardens, but mini paradises that existed for a multitude of reasons. Having a garden on the roof made up for any natural space lost when the buildings were made. Since the houses were constructed with concrete (which can crack due to prolonged exposure to heat and dry climates) the gardens were lined with a layer of sand. The sand helped trap moisture against the concrete and kept the roof from ultimately tumbling in on unsuspecting residents.

Who wouldn't want sunlight careening about an entire room? For Le Corbusier, the more light, the better. After experimenting for a while, he discovered that horizontal bands of windows allowed for eight-times better illumination. We don't know how he came to this conclusion, or why it is true, but then again we stopped asking questions long ago.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

PROprac: Handbook Response

Shock #1 came when I started flipping through the book and realized it was ALL text and that it was all important and pertinent information. Working at Tonic, I never realized how much actually goes in to billing people and all of that jazz. I can't believe that I should charge an average of $300-1,000 for designing an ad that is just a Quarter of  a page in a magazine. The additional fees for charging someone as well were kind of interesting to look at. I was surprised by how extensive that section really was (rush fees, unlimited use for the client...). I also was not expecting a textile design section. It never would have crossed my mind. It's weird that there are different prices  for bath towels and wash cloths.

The whole book seems really helpful as a resource for a case-by-case basis. Knowing that there is one compiled collection of this knowledge is awesome, especially if I ever do anything freelance. Luckily for me I'm perfectly content working for firms, so they should have most of this figured out for me so I never need to deal with it. Just flipping through the book was almost enough to give me a headache haha.

This combined with the "should you work for free" mind map can really help keep designers on track.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Degree Project: Hypothetical Design Solution (2-9)

My project is all about connecting people that normally would not have connected. People typically do not talk with one another if they don’t already know each other, and I want to encourage people to step outside of their comfort zones and strike up conversation with people they do not know. Typically, if you’re around strangers (either at a social event or just while you’re out and about) we treat each other like convicted felons, and we believe that everyone is judging us hypercritically. We retreat into our own worlds and avoid any opportunity that could have presented itself.

I believe that this problem will best be solved by developing some sort of social campaign that I will need to brand. The campaign will involve some sort of  something that brings people together, then something that they can take away with them in order to spread the concept of talking to others wherever they go. The campaign will be designed to foster a knowledge in people that everyone has something to offer.

I believe that one end artifact will not suffice at encouraging people to talk to one another. It can’t just be a book or a pamphlet because not everyone responds equally to the same thing and not every pamphlet could contain all of the information that a book could or visa-verse. I think something wearable would be a good artifact to focus on beyond the general branding of a campaign because it would provide a visual icebreaker for others to use in striking up conversation with you. A manifesto could be helpful in spreading general knowledge about the campaign and in letting people know that by becoming a part of the campaign, they’re agreeing to be open to new people and all they have to offer.

The physical tangible artifact could take the form of  a shirt, a pin, or a sticker and has the potential to spread to all of those things and beyond. A manifesto in a small book format could be nice for the sake of being easily transportable and spread amongst friends. If the campaign involves one visual element, it has the potential to become customized for various types of people (red for a love of movies, blue if you’re from Missouri, green if you have sisters, etc.) which would add a layer of information that could be used as an icebreaker for others. It could also hold the possibility for people to collect the artifact of various types of people involved in the project (I have a blue pin because I met someone from Missouri, and a yellow one because I met someone that has a pet bird...).

In summation, the underlying theme is encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and reach out and grab the opportunities that could be presented to them at any moment of any day. I hope to develop and brand a campaign in order to foster these connections, and I want anyone that becomes involved in the campaign to feel comfortable with introducing themselves to strangers and knowing that it’s okay to do so. This campaign could spread all over the region if people give it the chance. The more people that become involved, the more connections will be made, and the better off we will all be. 

Notes to self:

olympic flag button- tradinging, I met someone from Ireland, new zeland, america... represented by those pins

icons based on interests?

different areas. I start this in kasnsas city and in st charles, red for kc blue for st. charles, anyone that wants to start a branch in their city could order the buttons.

fears, we fear spiders but they're just as afraid of us. Phobias, other people think we're judging them the way we fear they judge us.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spat: Exhibit plans

Above is the wire-frame plan for the digital device. We have chosen to utilize an iPad as our means of digitally interacting with the space. Each section for each of the 5 points will have a visual element that signifies which space you're in (if you're in the garden section there will be an icon of a tree for example). Once you've gotten an opening blurb about the program you will be sent to the Homepage in order to select which section/point you are at. Once you've selected which section you are in you will be given a hint specific to the space, the hint will contain vital information about that particular section. After you've followed through with the hint, you will be asked a question about that section. If you experience the exhibit and engage with it, you will easily get the answer right. If you get the question correct you will receive a digital "piece" of the house. So if you get the correct answer for the garden section, your digital house at the end of the exhibit will have a garden, and if you get the answer wrong your house will not have a garden and your house will pay the consequences at the end. Upon the answering of the final section, you will receive notice that you've completed all the questions and you will be able to tap-and-drag the pieces you've earned onto the site and build your digital house.

We developed two questions for each of the five sections so if you visit the exhibit with your friend you  will each have to answer separate questions (encouraging patrons to experience the exhibit for themselves).

Here are the questions that we have developed for each section:

Support Questions:
1. Corbusier called his column-like supports "palotis." These palotis function was to:

a) Support the ceiling
b) Lift the structure off the ground
c) Eliminate restricting inner walls
d) All of the above

2. According to Corbusier, what was the most structurally sound combination of materials to create foundational supports for the Pilotis?
a) Solid Oak reinforced with steel rebar
b) Concrete and Solid Oak frames
c) Concrete reinforced with steel rebar
d) A pile of ravens

Design of the Free Facade Questions:
1. Do the palotis allow for the second story to stretch beyond the base of the structure?

2. Projecting the floors beyond the supporting pillars was intended to:
a) Utilize the space below the floor
b) Utilize the space below the floor
c) Allow windows to be extended to any length
d) All of the Above

Window questions:
1. How should the windows be arranged for a room to get optimal lighting according to Corbusier?

2. Would Corbousier approve of the following light arrangement?

Garden Questions:
 1. Why is the garden important to Corbousier’s design?

2. True or False: Corbousier’s garden helps keep the concrete roof from cracking?

Free Ground Plan Questions:
1. True or False: In Corbousier’s houses, the walls may be moved anywhere within the space without impacting the stability of the structure?

2. Look at the following diagram: If walls 2 and 3 were switched, would the structure become less stable?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Degree Project: Survey Conclusions

I got 40 responses to the survey that I sent out to the kids on the KCAI campus and to most of my friends on facebook. Here are the results:

Do you typically try to strike up a conversation with someone you do not know?
Yes (14)
No (18)
Neutral (8)

How do you typically try to strike up a conversation with a stranger?
Use something we have in common (16)
Introduce self (6)
Joke (1)
Something they're wearing (10)
An awkward look (3)
Question (11)
General greeting (5)
"I don't" (1)

What would make you more likely to strike up a conversation with someone?
Third party introduction (1)
Social event (4)
Common interest (17)
Looks (4)
My boredom (3)
Their boredom (2)
What they're wearing (3)
Alcohol (1)
Their approachability (13)
"I don't like talking to people" (2)

What would make you LESS likely to strike up a conversation with someone (try to avoid the obvious, as in, if they were carrying a gun or looked like they were on drugs)? 
Nothing in common (6)
Busy (2)
Their obvious disinterest (7)
Their arrogance (4)
Unkempt-ness (3)
They look intimidating (1)
Their general strangeness / creeper (5)
Their bad actions or attitude (16)
They look busy (4)
Shady-ness (3)

How likely are you to strike up a conversation with a stranger using social events (politics, environmental issues, policies..?) as an ice breaker on a scale of 1-10 (10 being VERY likely)?
Only 3 selected 8-10, most were in the 1-3 category

How likely are you to strike up a conversation with a stranger using a physical characteristic about the person (an article of clothing / jewelry / accessory...) as an ice breaker on a scale of 1-10 (10 being VERY likely)?
26 people selected 8-10, only 4 people were in the 1-3 category

How do people that strike up a conversation with you, typically break the ice?
Something in common in the moment / the situation (11)
Joke (2)
Comment on your appearance (18)
What you're doing (4)
General greeting (9)
"You look familiar" (4)
"People don't generally greet me" (3)

What is the first physical thing you're likely to notice about someone (clothing, hair style, accessories...)
Clothing (22)
accessories (7)

Do you typically notice when someone wears pins / buttons (on their shirt / jacket or backpack)?
Yes (32)
No (8)

Do you ever use someone's pins / buttons as a jumping point for conversation?
Yes (18)
No (22)

Do you wear pins / buttons?
Yes (9)
Sometimes / Rarely (11)
No (20)

Would you wear something that would foster others striking up conversation with you?
Yes (24)
No (10)
Maybe (6)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Spat: Initial concept (R02), notes

The top half here were notes we kind of went over in class... 

contrast, before/after, with/without
projection interactive
significance- they're still getting used
why? "trying to elevate the world out of the muck"

making a better world, more humane existence
group information
no walls between 4 and 5, separate the space however
move able walls-app?

homes are machines to be lived in
rounded corners, we like rounded things, more secure/comfortable

benefits of each area,
warmth- a warm space?


coolest thing/best thing in the back/at the end of the exhibit- blocking a path with something important

people want to turn right to start once entered.

giant board game
life or death- choose the pillars or not, your building crumbles or it stays stable, garden or not, your mood is happy or it's shitty...
-get to the pillars- what they do. app- include these? yes or no


Which led us to our second idea...

A game

view the exhibit, then answer a question on the app in order to earn the parts
complete a physical activity to collect piece (plant something in the garden, move the walls, sit in the garden)
projection of a garden, use the ipad to plant seeds and water the flowers

collect pieces digitally and at the end you will see a representation of your choices

random notes:
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Artist bio:

I tend to classify who I think I am as an artist based off of my inspirations and the things that make me happy. I'm constantly listening to music while I work. It distracts from the comings and goings of the world around me and allows me to focus on the task ahead, not to mention that it puts me in a super swell mood. I am an eclectic sort of person and am able to find joy in any sort of project I am allowed to work on (from book design, to postcards, to tshirts or from museum pamphlets to rock band shenanigans). I enjoy humor and try hard to show that off in my work. If my design is fugly, I have no compunctions about calling it roached and starting over.

Resume content

Spat: Initial concepts for exhibit

We are proposing a simulation of one of his buildings inside of the space. We want to build a miniature "house" inside of the space with the ground floor on the first floor of the gallery and the upstairs gallery space will be used as the upper level of the "house" and the outside garden. Each section of the "house" will contain a blurb about why things are the way they are. AR will be used to enrich the experience of being "inside" or "outside" one of his houses (possibly such as seeing through a "window" to the "outside" while you're "inside the house."

If we build the house, we have two possibilities for the app.

1- If we build the house to look like the actual house, we could use an AR app that would be interactive with the various parts of the exhibit, for example:
Strong men replace the pillars and hold up the structure, look out the windows and see the sun, the roof garden becomes a garden of Eden or a rainforest, the open floor plan becomes the open ocean and the extended second floor could appear to stretch for miles.
2- OR we could build the house to look like the actual house and the various elements would all be color coded when you looked at them through an ipad/app (all the pillars would be red, the garden purple, etc.)

Either of those possibilities could be interchanged so the AR becomes the actual built elements and the actual house elements become the app.

The following photo shows some of our proposed floor plan and layout for the exhibit. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

PROprac: Career Path

There are many things that I want to do over the course of my life, so it's quite difficult for me to say in three years I want to work here or here, or live here or there. The following outline is one generalized path that I hope to take, with basic time line goals that will probably change as time goes on.

One Year From Now:
In one year I want to be employed somewhere where I make enough money to keep on top of my bills, support myself, and start paying back student loans.

In order to do this I must:
-I could just keep the job I have, which would require hard work, putting forth the effort to keep the job, continue making myself indispensable in the firm 
-Network with the people I know now in order to get my foot in the door somewhere that I can be employed.
-keep in contact with my design friends (school friends and professional friends)
-Have a portfolio worth hiring for
-Continue working to build my experience levels.

Three Years From Now:
I want to have a job that I really enjoy at a place that produces work that inspires me (Sagmeister Inc, Whiskey Design, Liquid 9, Monsters Are Good...)

In order to do this I must:
-Keep building my portfolio
-Apply to all the jobs I'm highly interested in, don't take "no" for an answer.
-continue to have a job where I can keep adding to my portfolio and hone my design skills
-network like a madman
-surround myself with things that make me happy (so I survive in a mindset that allows for me to be my most productive/creative self possible)
-possibly have a savings account I can relocate with if necessary (Sagmeister Inc would require relocating to NY for example...)

Five Years From Now/Eventually:
 I would like to move back to Maryland or move to Ireland and get a design job in one of those locations.

In order to do this I must:
-research firms I'm interested in in those areas
-secure a job
-secure housing/living
-secure transportation
-have a savings account I can use to relocate with
-network with friends I met in MD a while ago through the MICA pre-college program
-visit firms when I travel to Ireland this summer then keep in touch and try to make friends that I can network with in the future.
-accept opportunities that could further myself as a designer/person worth hiring before then

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drawing Exercise/Experiment 1-12-11

I had a dream a few nights back. In the dream my drawings had begun peeling themselves off the pages in my sketchbook and began walking around with a life of their own. My friends had become drawings, and my drawings became my friends.

The bug is an example of my drawing style.

The photos are a few that I took the day after the dream. I was lucky to have friends willing to let me draw on their faces.