Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Quote List: Second Quarter, 2017

Steve: At least you can avoid that conflict...
Me via Steve: I don't mind conflict when I get my way.

Alan: ...Spyrates.

Stag: It's my fault for ordering a boys-size small. Men-sized pants just don't make my ass look good.

Adella: Just give him a bag of meat-flavored dick cookies.

Me: I'm just making sure I'm answering your actual question. You tend to word things in ways that have a lot of potential outcomes.
Stag: I played too many RPGs growing up. Sorry.

Nick Schulte: I ordered a hundred... or maybe fifty...? I ordered fucking paper towels.

Me: I sent my inner fat kid to fat camp for the summer.
Max: That's like conversion therapy!

Stag about my pink prof pic: Very pretty counter to your barbaric nature.

Grable: Don't damn me because I make you smile.

Stag: I am a bear... and I am balls deep.

Stag: ...See...this is how Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened.

Lillie: Process is fridge-worthy.

Stag: I'd rather eat that then put it on my body.

Me via Johnna: I'm thinking about getting a hermit crab.
Johnna: You want a hermit crab?
Me: Not really; I'm just lonely and want something to take care of.

Michael: You haven't gotten to the Hodor scene yet.
Robby: I think you mean Mordor...

Stag. Fair. Ducuntish, but fair.

Me while painting a house: Having fun yet?
Stag: There's a reason I was born German and not Mexican.

Stag: Grow up, and act 14 like the rest of us.

Bobby: I'm not saying he's a fridge digger...

Titus: Have you ever seen a midget move a couch?

Andrew: What the fuck is happening with lunch? I'm about to either freak out or pass out.

Chris: We're talking about dozens of dollars in bitcoins, Nick.

Andrew: You sound like the office drunk uncle.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Quote List: First Quarter, 2017

Stag: Aww fuck you, ya twat... How's that for sappy?
Me: You still said "aww," ya poof. 

Mila (8 years old): You smell like beer and bacon. 

Stag: I grammatically fucked that so hard all my children will just be vowel sounds.

Stag: Feels like I dropped on concrete. 

Adella: Why are you speaking in a British accent?
Bobby: Because Stag.

Rob: I am in the bathroom, and the lights went out (motion), and I am pooping in total darkness.

Mom: I love you more than ferrets playing in clear tubes. 

Neil: you can't make white paint... Well I mean someone can...

Stag: People tell me I'm opinionated. I try to quell the backlash.

Me: You have glitter in your beard.
Zach: It's probably been there for years. 

Adella: As the hands get smaller, I start sucking more. 

Nick: I got busted by the manager at Dierbergs while putting up wiggly eyes the second time; I was banished. ...I wasn't banished, but we locked eyes and it was mutually understood that both the eyes and myself had to go. 

Me: I feel like your super power would be to lift an empty glass and automatically have a new gin and tonic.
C3: That's just called alcoholism, you insensitive cunt. 

Me: How do you pronounce the name of this city?
Bookshop guy: What's the fastest town in Ireland? Tuam (chooom) 

Stag: See? That's love. I wouldn't do math for you people. 

Me (as requested by Johnna): If I were into forcing things, I'd be dating the stalker I had in high school. 

As Requested by Johnna: 
Johnna: Hey, Abby, what's this look like?
Me: Dick.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Quote List: Forth Quarter, 2016

Del: I've heard that if you count to 8 sneezes, you die.... I get to six, and tears start rolling because I'm saying goodbye to people.

Rob: Look at her calves! They're so small! They're like beef medallions!

Me: Later, gator.
Stag: After while, dickhead.

Stag: We killed something together, so that wasn't gay.

Nick Schulte: We will design with paper and crayons if necessary.

Quentin: ...Still not how jeopardy works.

Quentin: ...Why don't those people have legs?

Andrew: Enhance his mustache.
Dan: ...When you say "enhance his mustache..."

Del: They have subwoofers in the seats!
Michael: Rumble in your bum?

Tony: Er... I guess we should go get drunk..?

Stag: Art keeps me awake.

Coty: This is how I get information about Spiderman.

Coty: I just want to know there is a Russian doll of meat. And it exists for the holidays.

Coty: ...But I assume he had a prostitution problem, and I assume they died.

Caroline: I'm not into the weird shit.

Rob: "The north never forgets..."
Me: Do you mean "The north remembers?"

Mom: I had a great idea for outdoor decor this year, but the Anti-happy Christmas Ass poo pooed it straight to hell.

Stag: I was trying to convey I'd pocket sand a rando.

Stag: I love everything...but I'll pick a fight for pocket sand...

Abby as requested by Rob: I can never find a homeless person when I need one!

Stag: Why is it always AIDS with me?

Mom: first of all, I couldn't eat peanut butter AND jelly together until I was an adult...

Dad, after pretending to sing a native American song...: Want me to do the second verse?

Me: Do you want chicken and broccoli?
Mom: No.
Me: What are you going to have for dinner?
Mom: Grapes.

Dad: uh-oh... I was messing with the thermostat, but I tooted.
Mom: Quote list that shit.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Quote List: Second & Third Quarter, 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016

Quote List: First Quarter 2016

John: Notice anything different about my pants? I put a ruby in there.

Jeff: I come from an Italian family. There's a hierarchy.

Lucky about cyanide in snickers for annoying kids upstairs:
Our change of heart might be noticed at Halloween.

Steve R.: It's not enough fun unless someone's on molly.

Jeff: I'm a horny after-puker.

Mary: do I need to go tase someone?
Lucky.: ... She doesn't have a taser.

Jeff: We're not pregnant.

John: I feel like I look like the guy from Men's Warehouse.

Steve B.: We definitely need to send them a thank you melon... Just wondering about the logistics. Like do I take it to a post office and pretend it is a normal thing to do? Do I apologize when I tell them I need to mail it?

John: Totes ironi, bro.

Rob: I don't think she dabbles in dicks.

Me: You're the best.
Matt: Second best.
Me: Second to..?
Matt: Jesus Christ.

JB: What? What temperature is that? I guess we'll put it at magenta.

John: You got me all psyched up for sex and sleep and now you're all "let's go to a show and stay up until midnight."

Lauren: Look at this, this is how bored I am.

John: I don't know. He's probably a bear. He's more of a troll bear.

Jamie: Ooooh the fucking pickles. They're gonna kill us.

[Redacted]: A midget genie better come out of the bottle and jerk me off.

Jeff. I got fired, went home, put my fur on (cuz it hugs you back), got drunk, and played Fallout 4.

Jeff: Do I look like I play magic?

Johnna: Oh god. I knew there'd be throw up today.

Lauren: Why are they always sticky?

[Redacted]: I have a blender, but someone used it to chop pot... It was me.

Kathy Kelly about Aaron Draplin: He's the Bob Dylan of design.

Aaron Draplin: They spend their money on weed, and knives, and kayaks, and pants that zip down to shorts.

Aaron: It's colder than a mother-in-law's love.

Aaron: I have a lot of questions about Molly Ringwald

Aaron: The smallest jobs can be some of the coolest. Remember that.

Lauren: My mom never let me watch it.
Angie: You sheltered pony.

Rob: Take the drink. Leave the book.

Dad: I found a picture of Lisa, and I threw it away.

Angie: I wonder if we could catch a goose.

Johnna: The blonde lady that just sat down? Her lips look like they have hot dogs in them.

Requested by Johnna after an elderly woman came around collecting money in a jar:
Me: What is this for?
Johnna: The band.
Me: Oh. If she had cancer I would have given her something.

Johnna: That dude at the end of the bar? Profile? Yeah, pedophile.

Johnna: You have to feel like shit to feel good.

Me: Ooh! Grapefruit!
Johnna: Mine tastes like Chlorox.

Me: Where is the rest of your family?
Mike: They went to the emergency room. My mom might have diabetes.

Katie: There's a book in here you'd like; "Rediscovering Jesus."

Diane: I don't think Chinese people can fly.

Diane: I don't know what that word is. It's like I'm reading the bible.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Quote List: Fourth Quarter 2015

Monday, September 28, 2015

Quotes: Third Quarter, 2015

Eric Melin: That's me with the tennis racket dressed like Gene Simmons. 

Eric: We are changed. 

Jason Elm: They're a hateraid drinking group of folks. 

Brendan O'Shaughnessy: Work like a captain. Play like a pirate. 

Me: Please tell me there are sloth memes.
Lauren: There are, and I found all of them. 

Lauren: You shut your mouth, man girl!

Jonny: Are you a dad perchance?
Dane: Fuck no! Just an exceptionally immature 23 year old. 
Jonny: Acceptable. 
Dane: The only children I'm interested in are my cats. 

Lauren: "Thanks for setting us up!" This is not a setup! This is a casual encounter! 

Lauren: That sip tasted like dirt. 

Alex: He's looking at photos of... Is that bacon or steak?
Rob: it's sickle cell anemia. 

Woodge: I feel like it would be a good addition to my deep fry Barbie McDonald's.

Woodge: I need a giraffe on my head. 

Rob: I think you're pretty grandeur. 

Me: They were just talking about you. 
Ryan: Do they think I'm cute? 

Rob after burping at a bag in his hand: I was speaking to these ancient beans in their ancient tongue.

Jason Elm: I had chances to leave, but never a reason. 

Jason: They can take your execution, but they can never take your idea. 

Jason: Capabilities don't give you expertise. 

Jason: Compromise up.

Joey: Bitches have night vision. 

Suzanne: Maybe that's the key—we need to get our clients high. 
Angie: I'll just be over here rolling for you guys. 

Steve: we can walk through there if you want to smell like axe body spray for the next week. 

Nick: Hey, Spencer! Want some whiskey and coke? 
Spencer: uh, duh! -takes the whole glass- 

Mom: Pelicans are assholes, but adorable to look at. 

Rob: Fine art's not going camping. 

Rob: And I can see daylight in her crotch area! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quotes: Second Quarter, 2015

Rob: I watched a three-minute commercial on the internet today. It was for Friskies.

Jason: What's up with this little pile of chocolate, granola, and Tums?

Mom: Her legs are very wrinkly, like ET wrinkly.

Rob: I had a realization the other day at IKEA... Butterfly tattoos are a deal breaker.

Rob: I was not born an old man.

Lyn: It's like having an orgasm.

Dad: Are U2 queer?

Mom: I am not a touch fucker.

Woodge: I like the holocaust

Woodge: Honey, you've dated a couple of lost boys.

Me: You have a website?
Jake: You didn't google me?

Jake: A4 is mathematically sexy.

Me: I'd be okay if the zombie apocalypse happened today.
Rob: ...I don't have that many bullets.

Me: I'm going to start sending you boxes of stuff.
Rob: Yes! I love boxes. They can even be empty.

Ryan: He plays a fife.

Rob: This sandwich is going to be messy.
Me: That's okay, I'll just eat it with a fork.
Rob: No! You cannot eat it with a fork!
Me: Why does that bother you so much?
Rob: Because we have forks! Right here! -spirit fingers-

Rob: Close your eyes. Smell this. Doesn't that make you want to be a pirate?

Rob: You're basically walking through a sea of worthless.

Rob: Punch him in the dick like a grown woman.

Rob: I am laughing like a crazy person alone in my apartment.

Nick Garvey: Why does everyone that shops at Walmart look like toes?

Alistair: I'm just an immigrant.

Brooke: All we did is hunt and forage.
Lauren: I thought you said, "all we ate was porridge."

Brooke: Do you have walker's cough, Lauren?

Steve: One of my big goals in life right now is to chill with a penguin. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Quotes: First Quarter 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quotes: Third & Fourth Quarter 2014

Anthony: My head's on the path. Someone's gonna run it over.

Anthony: You're snark. Just go full Tony Snark on her.

Johnna: Dude, Pocahontas is fucking hot.

Julie: Am I playing against Xena warrior princess?

Rachel: You're more of the Cinderella-holding-a-grenade type.

Woodge: What can P&L stand for? Pussy and lighter fluid.

Jason: I thought I'd be drinking a bunch of beer, but I ended up drinking a bunch of tea. What am I doing? Do you have some whiskey to put in here? Because I'm kind of feeling lame.

Timothy Goodman: 

Joshua: I hate to admit this as a guy, but pink stuff always tastes better.

Mo: I was like a ninja... With my pants down.

Chris C.: Lotta disableds.

Lyn: I'm seeing cactus!

Steve: Did I miss the dick butts?

Kyle: You mean all I have to do is give three hours of work for a sticker? I'm in.

Johnna: I'm over here having demon talk with my friend Brycen.

Hung Liu: A part of me always looks up to see the sky.

Matt: You guys wanna go to a white Walmart?

Johnna: He's better when he's sad.

Dad: I've never lived in Ferguson.

Nick: Thank you, young man.
Jake: You're welcome, large child.

Katie: You have awkwardly warm hands.

Caroline to Maryanne referring to a veil for church: Do I have to put something on my head?

Me: Are you trying to fist bump or punch me?
Jesús: Clearly I'm punching you, but it's loving, like a boxer who can't flirt properly.

Alex: I only use my gun to kill things.

Tad: I'm from Kansas City fucking Missouri.

Nicole: It's just misting. I feel like I'm in the produce isle.

Dad after changing outfits too many times: I'm going to have to take another shower.

Dad: You got your girdles and things, and I've got my underwear.

Nathan: For my birthday, can I have some drugs?
Max: What kind of drugs?
Nathan: Allergy drugs.

Cavery: ...and your name is Sheldon.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quotes: Second Quarter 2014

Vedran: I love Sinh. He's my little... -whispers- bitch.
Danel: Princess. He meant to say princess.

Anton: fuck off, you robot bitch.

Rob: my freezer is full of body.

Rob: let's stab it.

C3: Shark Dad must be an asshole.

Emily: Who am I!?

C3: Rabies is rabies

Rob: It's big as a small baby.

Rob: You need the fucking bible.

Rob: I was squeezing.

Julia: are there black children up there dancing? Because if not, I'm not going.

Julia: Maybe god will come into my arms.

Chris: I wanna use that (pointing to the coffee roaster).
Me: Roast some beans?
Chris: I'm gonna put skittles in there.

Rob: Take me drunk.

Shea: When people talk to me like I'm dumb, I start unbuttoning my shirt.

Quinn: The paparazzi is here.
Ellie: And you're so fabulous.

Jake: Abby, does this change your heart?

Jake: I'm a wild cheetah. See that? That's wild.

Jake: I want to go back where I came from.
Mike: Why?
Jake: I like screaming.

Anthony: You should sext him.

Anthony: I'd rather be somewhere new with you than home.

Jake: I don't have powers. I need blue eyes to have powers.

Nick Garvey: Drug Forcement.

Anthony: Cards V Humes card
Woodge: Casual leotard.

Woodge: You're wearing a Polo Jeans Ralph Lauren shirt, which is how I know you didn't go to Harvard.

Anthony: Spiders for the heaven.

Woodge: This is what I look like in the 70s.

Woodge: Merca!? Fuck.

Me: What are we doing?
Woodge: ...Calzones.

Anthony: You rock me like a shark nado.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quotes: First Quarter 2014

Danel: I don't want to hurt you. I just want to pet you to death.

Shea: Pretend he's a girl.

Me: I'm not judging too hard. Aloud.
Rob: I can hear it!

Rob about his car: It's hot like a weight lifting chick.

Nhu: I saw sausages in the kitchen.

Mark: LG? They make TVs and ice makers.

C3: Ooh you're making me giggle.

C3: She has puppy-pecia.

M2: Well this... was a waste... of my time. ...Ooh! Markers!!

Danel: Those were some nice kicks.
Me: Thanks. I can kick higher when I don't have these boots on.
Danel: You only have to kick this high to take me out.

C3: I killed a biker for this jacket. I killed him with a chain. I wasn't wearing a shirt. I got cut up and dirty, but not too dirty

Nhu: Is there a word for self-torture?
C3: Masochism.
Nhu: Assafixem?

C3: You're a grown woman. You know what boobs look like.
Nhu: Not a black woman's.

Nhu takes a sip of C3s coffee: Black coffee. Takes a sip of her own coffee: Sugar coffee.

Rob: If your dog were a human it'd be a crayon eater.

Rob: Just call me the waffle whisperer.

Rob: I brought you meat.

Rob: "Creeper" would be me sitting in the room with all the lights off laughing.

Rob: All I want right now... is Lee's Chicken.

Rob: What do you want from me? Perfection? I know what I want from me... Lee's Chicken.

Mom: It became this layer of fuck-tastic stuff...

Rob: I don't want you to see my gimp suit.

Rob: You're really going to make me play this for you to prove I'm not full of shit.
Me: I know you're not full of shit.
Rob: Alright. To impress you then.

Rob: And only you and I know we're going to wear it out like a dirty whore.

Rob: I'm really glad to see you. You bring sanity to my world.
Me: I'm the sane part of your life? That's kind of sad.
Rob: Don't under value yourself.

Rob: His proportions are wrong.
Howard: He was drawn wrong?
Rob: The big drawer in the sky.... was on Hydrocodone.

Rob: Last time it was the big hairy guy with the penis. What should we do this time?

Me: Can you feel my glare?
Rob: It burns!

C3: Well now what am I gonna do? I guess I'll get pretty drunk and go shoot guns tomorrow.

C3: My feet is too dry.

Me: You suck
Doner: That's what I do.

Danel: Well I mean... If you think about it... If you stab someone with an icicle it would just melt and leave a hole. "The perfect murder. He was stabbed with an icicle..." So yeah that'll cost you twenty bucks.

Budde: Don't spank my ass. Get it.

Mark: everybody loves me and talk bad about me when I go home.

Rob: Abby needs to be here right now. We'd giggle like two little bitches.

Wilson: He made me put the teapot on the coaster.

Danel: I don't like sticky things on my phone. It kind of freaks me out.

Danel about Sinh: His biscuit head is too top heavy. It makes him fall over.

Mike Ly: I hate this guy over here. See? All he does is serenade me.

Dawn: Speaking of friends... Where's my goddamn wake and bake?

Wilson: Well. Long story. I'm waiting for him to finish a poem and a D&D character.

Me: Just for the record I did not strip for this dollar.
Nick: Just for the record he (Anthony) probably did.

Ellie: Can my kindle do that? Just say no.

Danel: Hoodie. What the hell.

Mark: See? When I google it I get beanie babies.

Danel: You're not salty like a biscuit. You're sweet. "You're a sour patch." Fuck you.

Noelle: No problem, Nebraska.

Noelle: False hopes, Wyoming

Jessica. This is where we keep our community food, like Sriracha and tea...

Joe: Tea?
Andy: Tea? I love you. I want your babies.

Joe E.: When in doubt, shove it in your slot.

Josh Stafaniack: What did you get her, a jar full of hate?

Nick Garvey: I think the drummer is a paranoid schizophrenic

Caroline: Her middle name isn't Slut.

Mom: Think you can hold it steady?
Caroline: I'm not sure.

Caroline: Fuck the Lent bullshit.

Katie: I should spit on Kristen.

Vedran: nenenenenenene
Me: That was not a batman noise.
Vedran: I got excited.

C3: I should be a parrot.

Rob: I wanna go to the white trash capital of MO this spring.
Me: Jeff city has some of the best ice cream. Central Dairy. Mmm.
Rob: I definitely meant Six Flags.

Me: Are you done signing that card yet?
Doner: All I've done is draw nipples so far.

Rob: You're such a fragile flower.

Mark: Hey! Did you see my hammock?!
Doner... Worst sexual innuendo ever.

Me: Do you ever feel like you're making potions?
Rob: YES! ...yes.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Quotes: Fourth Quarter 2013 (most of them, anyway...)

Due to a glitch, a chunk of the quote list was sadly lost forever in a sea of technological misfortune. On the plus side, the quotes that remain intact are worth the read :) 

Cash: I will wear a helmet. 

Mark: ...we keep him in the basement. 

Rob: It's like drinking a campfire. 

Rob: I'm like a 14 year old girl....

Sinh: I never shower. Fuck that. 

Steve: Actually, I'm waiting for my gun so I can get the hell out of here!

Druid: I've got a case of princessites.

Rob: You fucking suck. At life. 

Rob: I guess I could be Robin... 

Rob: What if I don't want him to do it?

Vedran: I trimmed my Serbian beard. 

C3: they're pleated. They hide stuff. 

C3: I don't know what he's looking at down there. 

Cash: I'll text you if I'm funny. 

C3: So what do you do when you're not wearing sweaters and drinking beer?

Cash: Isn't that the plot of Jurassic Park?

Chris Seaton: I could probably tackle an Australian / New Zeland gal. 

Rob: I used to think capers were gross, too. Then I grew up. 

Rob: You can't have Fritos?!

Cash: If this text conversation was about to be a college level research paper, that would be the motherfucking hook, my friend. 

Rob: I just learned that Sprite is the number one drink for helping with a hangover. I don't really like sprite, but I'd give it a try. 
9-10: Rob walks in and sets a giant bottle of sprite on my desk. 

Mark: The last time I tried to program my garage door opener using a YouTube, I opened my neighbor's. 

Mark: If you are not Scottish a kilt is just a skirt. 

Nhu: They have happy hour from 2-6
C3: Every hour is happy for me.
Mark: Every hour is not happy for me. I will not sugar coat it. 

Rob: Do not take anything I say seriously unless I say..."I'm serious."

Rob: Facebook is for children. 

Rob: This is how you make me feel when you order me to do things...

Mark: I just need you to find me the fairies. 

Cash: Tegan and Sara are my spirit animal. 

Woodge: Let's just call it a rapey bar. 

Woodge: I know you're friends with him, but it looks like he dyed his hair with koolaid.
Cash: I'm about 87% sure he did. 

Cash: You're interesting. 
Woodge: Thanks. I'm 30.

Cash: Do you want me to get more wood? Do you want me to blow on it?

Cash: You make me happy on a spiritual level. 

Woodge: I love this night. Lets give hugs. 

Woodge: Ducks like meth. 

Cash: If I ever own a duck... 

Woodge: He doesn't have teeth.

Rob: I'm like a little girl. Bladder the size of a thimble. 

Jax: That's not what I'm trying to say. The monkey is not in the oven. 

Me: Is that a burn mark?
Mark: Yes. I set it on fire. 

C3: Do you think that truck is full of blood?

C3: I'm gonna go pee in the alley.


Cash: It's thicker than I'm used to.

Cash: Weird place for the trail to be

Cash: That's one thing Jim Beam has on candy...


Mark: That would be gay.

Mark: I find great release in ironing.

Mark: Dogs don't count. Especially starving weird ones.


Cash: If I could give one thing to the block...

Cash: Card master and picking thumbs. 


Cash to me: Settle down, White Fang.

Me: What kind of pizza do you like?

Cash: Baby making music.


Vedran: Anyone listen to the new Eminem album?
Me: Yes. Love it.
Vedran: Tits.


C3: If you wear a suit without gloves you look like a business man. If you wear a suit with gloves you look like an assassin.

Cash: You made a waffle called The Smith & Wesson?

Me: I did indeed...
Cash: Marriage material. 

Rob: ... But if you fuck up my fu-man...

Rob: I look like a catfish.


Vedran: Sinh, I'm going to visit you this weekend and chop your fingers off.

C3: Why is everyone laughing today? FROWN!

Doner: Thumb meat butt.

C3: That was a joke about domestic violence. It was funny.

Garvey: I don't know what this is. "Stockholm syndrome?" Am I retarded?

Me and c3: Yes.

Anthony: When I popped what came out?

Garvey: A defective condom would have been good....

C3: BAM! me Emeral.

C3: I bite my thumb at thee!

Anthony: Well I give you the raspberries.

Garvey: That's because Mexico is dirty.

C3: Dammit she loves pterodactyl eggs! She fucking loves pterodactyl eggs!

Anthony: I can fix it! ...I can't fix it.

Anthony pushes the table, and looks around confused: Oh. I meant to scoot myself.

Garvey: She's a fat fucking bitch.

Me: I thought you loved her.
Garvey. I do.

Anthony. That wasn't even funny, but I laughed at it.

Garvey: HAHAHA! Iiiiii need to look this up.

Anthony: Actually those look like the gloves you'd wear when you kill someone...


Rob. I'm offering you an egg. I'm offering you an egg, and you're laughing at me.

Rob: Do you like peas?

C3: The sun will come out tomorrow

Cash: Doubt it.


Joe: My sister used to throw scissors at me.

Me: I'm working on my stop motion.

Cash: Me too. As in, I've stopped moving.

Doner: That's ok. I was too busy emailing you from the future.

M2: That was you?!


Rob: feels like a bad moon rising...


Sinh: Danel!
Danel: What!?
Sinh: It works.
Danel: Oh my god. Here I come.

Seaton: It's a tri-win-da

Seaton: Oh! Here's me in a turtle shell.

Seaton: I have a chest, too.


Garvey. I like the Latino bitch.
Cash: She's Israeli.

Random guy at Picassos: One of my buddies... Is writing a book.... About dragons.

Garvey: Cupboards!? I like people that say "cupboards." Ah. Sorry. Continue.

Cash: Have you ever tasted a real man?


Shea: I like murder.

Shea: He's tiny and he's fast, and he can fit under trees!

Ellie: Oh my god. This is not my favorite song.

Shea. I'm just tired from getting low.


M2: I got shocked in the ear hole the other day...


Rob: .... I just saw Steve running.

Rob: ... Can I just pet her??


Shanesha: That pie was amazing. I wanna put it in some ice cream... Or a milkshake... I need a nap.


Mom. I need my.... Get it for me!

Druid's Nick: Who licked me?


Rob: Definitely had dreams with raccoons in them last night.

Me: What is it with you and those gloves?

C3: They separate me from this filthy world.

Rob: Wanna make sausage?


Me: That actually made me really happy.
Rob: Are you blushing?

Vedran to Sinh: Shut up. Go back to your zone. Nobody likes you.


Hitler was pretty awesome.

Howard: I'm a guy. There's blue and orange and pink... And sometimes you mix them and get different colors...?


Rob: You know how many people are not coordinated? Lots.

Rob: Look. I even found one that's small and broken for you.

Rob: Have you ever thought about genocide?

Rob. Sausage making bee man.

Rob: From butts to wieners.

Nhu: Are you ok?

Vedran: I'm drunk.

M2: Hey, Danel is here!

Vedran: Let's punch him in the throat!


C3: I love man meat.

C3: At least you don't have a crappy little hand.

Anthony: What's a figgy pudding?

C3 Do I touch it?


Rob: Shoot me
Me: Only if you shoot me first
Rob: Aww. It's like a death pact. How cute.

Me: Why do you keep bees?

Rob: it's like having 60,000 little pets.

Rob: hahahajajajaha... That was me laughing partly in Spanish.


Rob one of these days I'm going to wear my wrestling clothes and then your ass is mine.

Rob: my jeans aren't that tight.

Cash: Oh nom nom nom. Daddy issues.

Cash: I look like a pink candle kind of guy.

C3: Rube-in-stine


Cash: I have a tongue like iron


Starbucks guy: She's like a chinchilla. She takes baths in dust.

Jake: I really want to go back to my family.

Shea: Know what I like about drag queens?


Caroline: Someone needs a nap. And it's me.