Sunday, October 31, 2010

MMEXP: very tenative script


Evan is part of a community that enjoys finding dives. He enjoys finding places where he can relax and feel like he belongs. He goes to dives for cheap drinks, friendly service, random stories, and live shows.

Evan doesn't want to drive far to a dive, so it's important for him to have a resource where he can find dives close to him, as well as to see what each particular dive has to offer.

Currently, there is no catalogue of dives that offers a deeper understanding to what dives are. There is no one location where people like Evan can go to get all of their dive needs met.

Evan has found The Blind Tiger, an online resource for dive finding and the sharing of all dive experiences. It's a way for him to simplify  his life and organize his dive goings. Upon reaching the website, Evan uses his log-in information to access the home page.

On the homepage, Evan is given a blank space where he can start customizing his experience, complete with a few helpful tips that explains the space. Since he's been here before, he knows to click on the astrix and hide the notes.

He's looking for a new dive today. Rolling over the "find tabs" which reveals his choices. Since he's looking for a new place, he clicks and drags "Area" onto the work area. He lives close to westport, so he clicks and drags that option onto work area. This shows a list of dives via photograph. The bigger the photo, the closer he is to that particular bar. Just for curiosity's sake, he clicks and drags midtown over to see if there is some place he'd be more interested in visiting.

Not seeing anything too eye catching in the Midtown area, he decides to scale the window back to save space, but when he decides he doesn't want to go anywhere in Midtown right now, he collapses the window and goes back to focusing on Westport. He can scroll the window up to view other options. When he hovers over a particular image, he is given a brief profile on the Dive. In order to view a full profile, he can click and drag the image onto the work area.

On the profile, Evan can see a general overview of the profile, but could also view the upcoming events the dive is going to host, see a map to get to the dive, or view stories that others have posted in relation to the dive. In the top left corner, there is an over-all rating of the dive (one to five).

If Evan were already out and about, he could access The Blind Tiger with his Ipad. From the home page, he's able to drag a drawer open and make his selection. If he's still looking for a die, he can select Find Dives and view the same size-oriented list of dives based on his current location. Since he's already in the westport area at this time, the westport dives are the ones that show up. He notices a dive that he knows he doesn't enjoy, so he is able to drag the image off the screen and delete it. The spot is filled with a different dive that he can view. One click on an image shows the mini-profile, and a double tap takes him to the full profile.

Back on the hub, Evan is viewing a dive profile and notices the star in the corner. This indicates that the bar has things that he could use to earn "local points." Interested in seeing how many points he already has, Evan hovers over "Local," then drags and drops "my points" in order to see the general overview. From this window, he can either redeem his points for something cool (like a free drink from his favorite bar) or he can view the breakdown of how he got each point.

While at a dive one night, Evan was sitting at the bar of his favorite dive and a song came on the radio that he wanted to know more about. From the iphone app, Evan drags the "jukebox" drawer open and selects "song id." When he hit's "record," the app searches for the song it's hearing and then shows him the title of the song and the artist. He really likes the song "Hype" by Tegan and Sara so he adds the song to his jukebox.

While viewing his Jukebox, evan is able to see the song he just added, delete songs (by dragging them away), change the order of the songs, or play the songs on the list. The jukebox is also viewable by selecting the "playlist" option from the homepage on the app.

Done with the jukebox, Evan decides to see what his friends are up to. He clicks the arrow to flip the space and view the back of the board. If he's on the ipad, flipping the board reveals his nightly schedule and the live feed. By clicking and dragging slots on his schedule, he's able to delete things, or add them by clicking "join" on the live feed.

He's also able to add things to his profile when he's on the website. While viewing a dive's schedule from the profile page, Evan is able to either add something like a concert, or add something like a weekly special. Since Harling's has $3 draft beers every Saturday night, Evan is able to either add the event once, or add it on as a reoccurring weekly event.

Evan loves going to Harlings, so he's going to click and drag the photo into his "favorites" section at the bottom of the page. This automatically syncs with his iphone and ipad.

Now that he's got his destination in mind, Evan's off to a night of friends and good music. Cheers.

MMEXP: iphone/ipad design R02

Friday, October 22, 2010

Physical Blogging?

This is sweet because the guy picks up trash from specific events and then turns it into "art" and sells it. Obama's Inauguration trash cubes, a parade... they're all little commemorative  nic-naks from a specific place in time, much like a blog. Instead of a space on a website with a few photos, it's a physical cube with a few chunks from the day itself.

Physical blogging.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Designville, USA

Some people tell me I have too much fun. Welcome to Designville, USA. Those houses are all about the size of a penny.