Monday, April 27, 2009

Info Graph

I should have put this post before the pattern post, but oh well. This is not the final version of the info graph but it is close. Since this was taken, the key has moved to the upper right corner and I have played with thinning up the huge/bulky brackets. This is a detail shot of the key I used. Each icon represented something and was used to show what each mini-theme included/represented. The circus had the icons: Glove, Hat, Tiger for example. This is another detail shot, showing the relationship between icon and theme sub-heading. In order to break up the monotony of the text, I called out specific, important or interesting bits of the text from each sub-heading. This also helps the viewer come into the poster and information with a bit more ease and interest. 

Vis Com Pattern Work

These first three images are the direction I was originally heading for the Smithsonian exhibit promo. I was thinking of a  way to incorporate the icon/image juxtapositions with the patterns. The patterns all include a hand and then the main object. The Tiger/Hand pattern was made with the idea of a trainer fending off the tiger, speaking to the research I did and the topic of Sig. and Roy I used in my infograph. Hands go in handcuffs. Houdini was a handcuff master and escape artist. You pull a rabbit out of a top hat.  This was the first attempt I made at incorporating both ideas on one plane. After talking with Jamie I decided to work with the images a bit and see how I could better incorporate them.This is the last idea I have developed. These are the images that I have conceptually applied to all templates (t-shirt, postcard, etc.) I will show pictures of the incorporations once I talk with Jamie about which are the strongest. In these, I wanted to show overlap and I used the images of the people/hat to further along the idea of pattern and repetition. The color pallet is derived from the 2-color icon set based off of my original color pallet. The images are almost all from my original research as well. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ban Comic Sans- the fight has begun

There is talk about banning Comic Sans.... epic, no?

Friday, April 10, 2009

find and share

this was in Jamie's last post. I found it wonderfully simplistic and yet wholly powerful. This would make the perfect icon for slavery in a system because of it's simplicity and because of it's universal understanding.

This image is from the movie Fight Club. I chose this as a second alternative because from afar it would seem that this was the normal flight evacuation procedures but in fact is a humorous, semi-screwy, what-not-to-do list of things that should occur in result of a plane crash. images are easy to understand and the type is secondary if the person needs further instructions than what the pictures represent. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

We Three poster Kings

1. composition (including continuity, spatial relationships, frame)
weakness- edge of picture in relation to edge of page on Jessicas
time line with gap is a strength in relationships on mine, cam's is good because you can move throughout the page
strength- good relationship on type and the edge of the frame on mine

2. scale and visual hierarchy (including levels of read)
come in at title and size difference allows for visual hierarchy on Jessicas, along with line width on hers
cam needs more evident, less dramatic possibly for title

3. choice of typeface and typographic command
mine needs more differentiation in type face for the sake of interest and possibly for hierarchy
cams has good universal understanding and a sense of cleanliness 

4. labeling (including diagram title, category headers, supportive text)
jessica has good hierarchy and good relationship between subcategories, scale is good

5. integration of icons
mine is organized
cams has an in depth understanding of icons and his icons can relate nicely via the blue green shape in poster vs the icon

6. design “devices” used to define and clarify diagrammatic structure
mine boxes make good continuity
cam has no visual containers but you can still tell certain things relate to each other

7. choice and command of color pallet
very woodsy and out doorsy that speaks to the connotations of camping
blue color to icons in cams and the "ketchup and mustard"
Mine- doesn't necessarily have a clear color connotation 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

peer edit-Jessica

1. Check grammar, spelling, fact checking, clarity of content.
2. Evaluate the overall design based on the criteria at the bottom of this post.