Thursday, September 30, 2010

DESN405: BOTBOT 3 (plus) directions

icon super  imposed over the photographic image
pattern over the photo
Strictly photo and text
Sepia with font options

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

VisAd: Research

River Market Vendor
    - vends at briar cliff/downtown kc city hall
    - rivermarket - bigger
    - tourists and locals
    - kids - family oriented
    - year round - pasta, not local

River Market Vendor
    - accepts SNAP
    - zora rosa - tuesdays nights
    - rivermarket - bigger
    - all year- winter grower - green houses
    - fluctuating prices - more expensive in the winter

River Market Vendor
    - veggies - SNAP grower
    - overland park area, “all over Missouri”
    - seasonal - spring and summer - done around october

Attendee RM
    - newly local
    - lots of vendors and cheap
    - local is better
    - lives on mission road
    - buys a little of everything
    - “everything is available year round”
    - attends about 2 times a month
    - attends the RM out of habit
    - kids have stuff to do

Attendee RM
    - freshness- fairly cheap - family thing
    - attends every weekend, sometimes twice
    - by zona rosa
    - grew up coming to the RM
    - always find whats here - seasonally aware

Attendee Rosedale
    - local - good, 1st time at the Market
    - find out from the sign on wednesday on the street
    - buys tomatoes, onions, all fruits
    - lives by Ku med Center - drove her car
    - not aware of seasonal food
    - produce - most important thing

Joe Hiede
    - exceeded expectations
        - as high as 270
        - ave = 150 - good for start up market
    - summer = families
        - not a lot of families, singles and older couples
    - signs (public), sat. = email blast (about 200 names), handing out flyers, door hangers
    - english and spanish flyers
    - need more vendors
        - 11 = max
        - 4-5 now
        - nothing to bring
        - that would bring more - value added?

VisAd: Notes to self and SCHEDULE

3 most valid approaches (each should be different from each other) diagram of how a system works (mock up new logo on pamphlets/aprons/signs)

Branding the existing farmer's market
Branding the winter farmer's market
campaign to bring more vendors in
icon system/templates to facilitate speech (recipes, seasonal foods, etc.)
Advertising winter market

pamphlets with multi purposes (seeds built into the paper?, plant your own garden, start vending?)

This Friday- have lots of ideas, narrow it down to 3 ideas

Next Friday- have further flushed out as prototypes to show Tyler

have user feedback/prototype testing (prototype all three plans)
in class- pick singular direction- start defining all content

have all content flushed out and finalized

start having visual elements (3.5 weeks to have all visual elements)

Wednesday November 17
case study and application for the website due

MMEXP: The initial ditigal sketches

The Blind Tiger is one of our three ideas for branding our Dive Hunting community system. The basis for the name comes from Speakeasys. Back in the day of prohibition, a speakeasy would have an attraction (often a live animal) that they would charge people to see. They would then give out "complementary drinks," thus skirting the law.
The Blind Tiger: The two parts can work with one another to help form the visual aesthetic.
These are the Round 1 versions of the icons/logos

I then tried a version without outlines, but I feel it looks too wolfish.
I also tried a version without a body, and I like it quite a bit as a logo/logotype.
Once I played around with the icons a bit more, I revisited the color schemes I had pulled from my visual research and started applying them to the logotype.
After looking through these combinations, I feel the Gray/Green/Orange/Black combination is quite strong.
I then applied those colors to the rest of the system elements in various ways.
After that, I played with a few other random colors in order to obtain a "quirky" aspect that our system is trying to function within. What's quirkier than a pink blind tiger? Exactly.

Monday, September 27, 2010

MMEXP: 3 branding directions: Logos/logotype

We have three directions we have to persue. Our names tentatively consist of The Blind Tiger (which has a historical background relating to speakeasys), The Drinking Den (which also has speakeasy historical context) and Land Mark (since dives have been around for a while, they can be considered a landmark). Below are a few sketches for logos/logotypes for each of the three directions.

MMEXP: Branding Brainstorming


Possible names:

Land Mark
Drinking Den
The Blind Tiger
The Dive Finder
Bottom's Up
The Dive Epoch
- quirky
- well-worn
- nostalgia
- comfortable
- unchanged (solid, stable, still, constant, consistent)
- peculiar
- eccentric
- outlandish
- atypical
- chalkboard
- happy hour
Dionysus (Greek, god of drinking)
Aegir (god of brewing, Norse)
The blind tiger
Rum Runner
Jumak: Korean tavern
Juke joint (or jook joint)
Bottle opener
wine key
Closures- bottle cap name
Crown Cork
Screw Cap
The air of a secret hideaway you've luckily and unknowingly stumbled into.
"bricks or blocks of Rhine Wine," "blocks of port,
The Port Block? Port Brick?
Port, Virginia Dare, Muscatel, Tokay, Sauterne,
In 2010, Playboy magazine described a dive bar as:
A church for down-and-outers and those who romanticize them, a rare place where high and low rub elbows — bums and poets, thieves and slumming celebrities. It’s a place that wears its history proudly.”
1880's – dive referred to an illegal drinking den or place of ill repute; a disreputable entertainment establishment

MMEXP: final wire frames and final presentation

Presentation 2.0

Dive Present 02                                                            

VisAd: Compairitive Research

Dmitri and I went down to the River Market Farmer's Market and asked some of the vendors/patrons a series of questions. The top two photos are from that market. The rest of the photos are from the Rosedale Farmer's Market, which is where we stopped next. I'll get our responses typed up in the next day or two and post them here as well.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A font I created that portrays "fun and simple" attributes for my botbot branding. I've named it Jericho.
 I drew the font by hand, then scanned in the page. From there I imported it into Illustrator and used the pencil tool to trace the letters, followed by the pen tool to clean the forms up.
A set of possible characters that could embody my brand persona.
a pattern made up of one of the characters
possible color options for my brand

MMEXP: Final posters

The final posters just needed some minor tweaking past our plotted version. The Dive logo in the top left corner needed to be modified, and the red bar that connected to the logo box needed to be aligned. That's all folks! 

MMEXP: Possible System Names

Splash (make a splash, splash feed)
Whet (whet your whistle)
Whet Bar
Bottom's Up
Quirk Cache
Hook and Dive
Happy Hour
The Frame Wall
Unique niche 

((Luke, shoot me a message if you add to the list and we can combine the two on both our blogs, savvy? or if there are some you know you want to scratch :D ))

Friday, September 24, 2010

MMEXP: Possible Colors

You may notice that there are some very similar choices when it comes to color grabbing. There's a brown/tan, a mauve/crimson, a light blue, a purple, a greenish gray, an orange and a dark blue to choose from.

MMEXP: Collective Visual Research