Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tonic Work: Image Frankenstein and City Wide brochure

I was given the first image here and told "complete his body." So through the use of two other images, I pieced the man together. I didn't have to blend the backgrounds since we are cutting the figure out anyway. Do his legs look really long or have I just been staring at them for too long? Probably a bit of both. Oh well. 
This brochure is for City Wide. I was given a concept and all the body copy/images and I got to build something completely from scratch. I only had a few hours to do it in. For some reason the logo didn't transfer properly in the pdf I emailed myself, that's why it looks like the front page has no color, but I assure you that the red of the inside panels matches the red of their company logo. I think it could have used a bit more work but I enjoy the grid structure I have in here and all my Tonic co-workers loved the way I treated the images so I'll just count my blessings, yeah?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Caslon Stork, part 1

Imagine, if you will, a man of middle age sitting alone on a park bench feeding pigeons stale bits of bread. A pretty cliche way to start a story, no? Now imagine the same middle age man, sitting on the same park bench, still feeding the same pigeons, but with enough C4 explosives under his sweater-vest to level the entire park and surrounding city scape. Caslon Stork has a god complex. 
You would think that with a name like Caslon Stork, he would have serious depressive issues, when in fact, this is not the case at all. he does not hate his family. Or humanity. Or his life. His father never beat him with a belt or a pillowcase full of bricks. He wasn't bullied in school for being the tubby little loser named Caslon Stork. Caslon Stork has a god complex. 
There is a certain rush to be had by walking around with a charged detonator in the pocket of your pressed slacks. The ability to choose between life and death for hundreds of living beings is enough to speed any pulse. This is not to say that the stale bits of bread that the pigeons were pecking up were soaked in cyanide. Not that he couldn't do that of course, but the bomb gave him enough excitement to leave the birds alive and cooing. 
His tubby fingers scoop around another hand full of crumbs that hit the paved path like the first drops of rain in a spring downpour. He watches the pigeons with calm eyes. His chest sweats against the plastic encasement of his control. 
Caslon Stork has no intention of detonating the bomb today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day. That is, until the hobo comes stumbling by. 
What is it about homelessness that causes people to walk around like the living dead? Are they lame due to malenurishment? Is gangrene devouring their toes? Are they just stoned, or drunk, or both? Anyway, this hobo is a particularly ugly example. The man hasn't had a shower in who knows how long. Nor a shave. Nor a visit to a dentist. 
He comes by, shaking his paper cup in the face of Caslon Stork, ruining his plastic serenity. 
"Help the homeless?" breathes, no, WHEEZES the bum. Caslon Stork smacks the cup from the mans greasy grasp.
"I have nothing for you here. Unless you want to lick the crumbs from the ground." The man gives a startled, baffled guffaw and stumbles away, now empty handed. 
Setting his brown paper sack full of crumbs on the bench next to him, Caslon Stork reaches into the pocket of his trousers and fondles the small but heavy detonation remote with idle determination. 
This was the day that Caslon Stork decided to flip the switch and press the button. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

End of the Year

Some final pieces for the X-AM mailer and a bunch of ceramics I did, including a BatBowl and a "You know you're a design geek when..." apple bowl. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

InfoArc: Collection: Final five pages

Can't capture roll overs when you have to move your mouse in order to get an image grab. Sad. Maybe I'll photograph my screen later. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Stuff from the 2010 Spring Semester

Quotes of spring 2010:

Kidwell: I am ashamed. I'm going to go home and eat my children or something. Let's get a drink.

Kidwell: Change. Change now. Change now dammit.

Dustin: Its kind of tit-tastic

Epp: Look at that! *points to a widow* Hollly shit.

Sean: The point is getting the shit on the wall

We should all go as someone from batman for halloween!
Lance: I'm going to be Ice Man!
Micah: ... do you mean Mr. Freeze?

Lance: Unice!

Sean: Mold is a word that I find funny.

Michael Epp: It would not be smart to say I'm instigating an uprise
Michael Epp: Do what you want to, just keep your clothes on.

Me: You smell nice today
Micah: Yeah it's this new stuff called soap.

Me: Micah, do you have any spray mount?
Micah: I have to tacos and a frisbee in my drawer right now

Kidwell: What? I'm just trying to decide what Lysol would taste like.
Cam: Probably not as good as blood.

Kidwell: Does it smell like Mariah Carey?

Amanda: It smells like pee down there today.
Kidwell: Well, what kind of pee?

Amanda: Johnna and I went to get a hotdog and it took thirty minutes.
Dustin: Hahaha that's the funniest story I've ever heard.

Kidwell: Can you tell it's the end of the semester? They're probably watching popcorn pop.

Abby: I'm a bad person and I can't help it.
Luke: It's okay, I got a pocket full of leaves.

Micah: If we come back to take pictures we should talk to each other in sign language so they can't yell at us.

Kat: Is that her?
Jessica: Yeah, that's her, walking around being all skinny.

Micah: I'm going to make a line of plush kidwells for my senior project. Do you have any idea how much stress would go away if I just hugged a little Kidwell?

Micah: (while talking about sex with me) It was gay as hell

Luke: Hey Abby? I googled "trench coat" and I got spiderman.

Sean: What, do they paint with their foreheads?

Micah: Acme Junior Shrooms

Dmitri: The phrase "Saltwater doesn't freeze" really bothered me.

Brian/Micah: I can smell the pixels.

Epp: -presenting presenting presenting-
Kidwell: Hey, you gonna give me that remote or not?
Sean: It's his weekend.

Kidwell: Everyone's kind of huddled around you like they should be right?
Epp: In my white robe.

Kidwell to Tammy: If they sucked would you say that they do?
Tammy: I'm really not sure about that shirt Kidwell.

Kidwell: You're adding too much to it. AKA you're adding too much to it.

Sean: I was very surprised by how easily she moved through this.
Kidwell: So is Lance.

Mo to me: You might be sad if I were gone.
Micah: Or she might drink a cocktail out of your skull.

Blake: Not only did we take it to heart, but we PAINTED a heart.

Blake: Woah, my arm.

Epp: What's happening?
Sean: I don't know teacher.

Epp: I hope he gets sick
Brian: He has brain cancer.

Mo: My mom said Avatar is just like Fern Gully
Sean: And Gone With the Wind. I mean... Dances with Wolves.

Kidwell: Sorry if that came out crazy. I've been digging in my yard for two days.

Where did you get the idea?
Kidwell: Placemat
Johnna: A restaurant
Amanda:... why did you say placemat?

Kidwell: And it's Do-stan!
Dustin: Can we start?
Kidwell: Hell yeah.

Lance: I think it's pretty well crafted.
Kidwell: For a girl.

Dustin: It's like the Lincoln on a penny if you will.

Sketches from the last week: