Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quotes: Lost and Found

Sometimes the quotes I collect are scribbled on tiny sheets of paper. In the process of packing up for the sake of moving, lots of these little sheets were found.

Barbara: ...whoever pays me the most.
Paul: I'll give you thirty-five hours next week.
Barbara: You're going to hell for that.

Paul: That guy kept staring at me. I kept giving him weird looks, hoping he'd get the hint.

Dustin about his glasses: Someone told me they make me look special.

Jonny: Remember the time I put honey on your buttons?

Paul: Alright guys... no more holocaust jokes today. 

Me: Why is your tongue green?
Trevor: Intergalactic space sex.

Me: Jonny is in the back making monkey noises.
Jess: He should be in a home.

Joe Bishop: I have some sort of disease. It's called "my stomach is a sensitive little school girl."