Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MMEXP: Community Poster sketches, a few random thoughts

The first image is of a few poster idea sketches Luke and I talked about. I really like the idea of two separate posters that fit together to make one bigger poster. The top left design would just have an overlapping photo (each side relevant to each side of the poster it represents) and an overlapping title. Top right would have a unified photo and a unified shape, representing parts of a whole, like the bottom left idea. The bottom right would have a "die cut" shape in the middle that would be formed by the two sides of the poster. The second photo shows an idea for a navigation. Luke mentioned that some dives have a wall that they let patrons draw/write/sign on and I thought it would be cool to crop a section of the wall and use the individual shapes/forms to create or navigation. The last photo is the rest of that image, with the first few quick poster layout idea sketches (my god what a mouth full) and then a brief list of a few name ideas.  

MMEXP: Community Model- RO1

Monday, August 30, 2010

DESN405: The Bot Box

The official museum name from this point on will be The Bot Box.

DESN405: Robot visuals

DESN405: Robot Musuem presentation RO1

Robot Museum Presentation 1                                                            

MMEXP: Poster Notes, specific to our activity

Symbol- knowing you belong HERE, but NOT here
-drinking holidays (st. patrick's day, Friday nights)
-look and feel off the buildings (grungy/janky, unlike Cheesecake factory)

people that like finding dives

physical boundaries- location, budget, transportation, personal taste
what/who- local dives (bars or restaurants), food enthusiasts, people new to town
    /locals, young adults, college students
equipment: vehicle, empty bladder, strong appetite, full wallet, free time, friends
demographic- young adults 21-30, college students, any sex or race

shared values- passion for food, music and good times, finding a place that is
    "yours" that is comfortable and reliable.

User driven content- reviews and recommendations ("trust"/ratings)

user-user = trusting peoples opinions via online profiles
user-establishment = compatible atmosphere with personality type based upon
establishment-community = business can be directly impacted and effected by
    group reviews/photos/experiences
Adventure- as a symbol and as a motivation

offline and how it will appear in online space
how long it's been around
brief history
typical # of patrons on a week night/ weekend
regular specials
type of food/drink (what's offered, genre, etc.)
type/frequency of musicians/regulars
physical quirky attributes (art, type of building, mascot, vandalization, signage, etc.)

-possibly use Evan

education- undergrad in college
income- < 10k a year
boundaries: something local that he can drive to without burning too much gas  Level of

belonging: new to town but really into local scene and local music
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Moved to KC for school

-to meet new people and find a local hang out, find good food and music,
    wants centralized database for finding new local places to explore, quick
    and easy way

(more) Wants:
-the ability to post reviews/photos/video of own experiences
-the ability to document "good" and "bad" places that he's visited, filter for future

MMEXP: visual research 1.0

Some of these images are strictly for color palette reference, but the rest relate directly to dive aesthetic. These images were all found on the net. Round 2 will include images taken by me of KC local dives.

MMEXP: Resource


MMEXP: Poster Notes

Marty Notes 8-30
individual and community to be involved
organize display and connect points
2x3 feet, vertical or horizontal
pitching this to organizers/business men
concise and informative
Individual- persona, with name and life, text and image, ideal individual age education income
    membership info- boundaries, level of belonging, symbols, motivations and goals, what do they need for it to be
Community- physical boundaries, who and what's involved, shared values, influence works how (example), relationships
    (shared emotional connections)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

MMEXP: Community Model

Luke drew a small prototype for our community model and we went through the list of things we thought were important to include in order to make a master list of points each shape should include. The "individual" and the "community" bubbles will be covered in the paragraph we wrote up as part of our written community proposal, but those other four circles needed new body copy. I wrote four paragraphs to sum up those aspects in our community system.

Our community is highly influenced by user-driven content. Through the use of a rating system, users will be able to rank dives that they have visited, and other members will be able to have a unified list of new dives they have yet to experience. This ultimately has the power to effect dives. Poorly rated establishments based on community member input will directly effect other users desire to visit.

The members of our community have a few subjective needs that we hope to fulfill. Members hope to find a good regular hangout complete with good food, drink, and entertainment that is comfortable and reliable. Those things can be accomplished with the user rating system and the "trust ability" of our members. Members may also want to meet new people or support the local economy and having a list of local dives is a good way to experience new locations within your own city.

Membership to our community is effected by physical boundaries (such as location, age, mode of transportation, and budget), emotional safety (the ability to "trust" users opinions), relationships (user-user, user-friends, user-establishment, establishment-community), and symbols. We discovered that beyond the visual aesthetic of existing establishments, there are no existing symbols. Through the creation of our identity, we hope to create a symbol that will unify the community to a greater extent.

Historical consciousness relates to the ability for members to find themselves in the public image. Our members will be able to have public profiles that showcase their contribution (uploaded photos, ratings, etc.) to the community and other members will be able to judge their "trust ability" in our system. The history of the individual establishments is also related, as are the discovery stories our members post about their dive finds (this includes first impressions).

MMEXP: Dive Hunting Brainstorming

Finding local dives is an activity/hobby that many enjoy participating in. Our demographic is fairly open. It will generally consist of young adults, aged 18-30 (possible college students), of any race or ethnic background, male or female. Since currently there lacks a unified group of individuals that participate in the exploration of local dives, we hope to help bring people together in a shared venture. We hope to help our community by creating a list of local dives with pertinent information relating to each location (address, phone number, quality of service, hours, nightly specials, calendar of events, reviews, etc.) as well as implementing a rating system that is individual driven. Individuals in our community will interact with our hub as a means of posting ratings/reviews, photos/videos of personal experiences, first impressions of the locations, etc. Away from the hub (on an iPhone/iPad) users will be able to get real-time night-by-night updates on events (such as local shows), get maps to locations, and create/access a planner of events for the near future. Individuals will also be able to rate the trustability of other users in order to filter out serious users from users of a sillier persuasion.
Agency (user generated content)
-multimedia sharing
-"trusts" reviews

-user to user
-user to friends
-user to establishment
-establishment to community

Life Goals:
-Useful ratings (trust)
-defining "good"/"bad"/"ugly"
-finding "your spot"
-best food/drink
-info database

Organizational structure:
- #1 is user contribution
    -"trusted" user
    -user location
-popularity/majority rules

Historical Consciousness:
-history of establishment
-discovery story/first impressions

Boundaries- location, budget, age, transportation, building access, food/drink genre, dress code
Emotional safety- "trusted" user, honest reviews
Sense of Belonging- atmosphere, cultural diversity
establishment aesthetic, created by our community

-rating system
-photo/video uploads

Integration and Fulfillment of Needs:
-good hangout (atmosphere)/ rating system, user generated content
-good food and drink/rating system, user generated content
-entertainment/rating system, user generated content
-support local economy/ location
-meet new people and find new places/ profiles and establishments
-comfort and reliability/ rating system, user generated content

Shared emotional Connection:
-participate in rating/visiting dives
-establishment to community

Hub Contents vs. iPhone/iPad Contents.
Possible things to consider/ad.
Trying to flush out all the connections.

Friday, August 27, 2010

DESN405: Toy Robot Museum Competitors

Kidwell approved my idea of branding a Toy Robot Museum. The museum won't just showcase the toys, but will teach people about the mechanics behind the metal and possibly teach kids how to make their own robots at home. Below are a list of links to existing competitors:

http://www.robothut.robotnut.com/ (Image below)
http://www.danefield.com/ (image below)

It's kind of crazy, but none of the sites really had branding, and those that did had poor quality branding in no sort of cohesive series. When doing a google search for "toy robot museums" the museum that had the most sites dedicated to it/most hits was the Toy Robot Museum in Adamstown, PA. The image below of the youtube video is the only existing branding that I was able to find for it. The most legit museum was for science and industry and those aren't toy robots so much as robots as tools.

Inspiration, fall 2010

I think these are pretty, I'm sure this post will grow. Above are all ffffound imags. The first below is a quicksilver advertisement found on their site. The second image is by Atget Mouth, quite possibly my new favorite photographer. The third image is from Landor's page. The rest of those are from ffffound.