Monday, January 31, 2011

Spat: Initial concept (R02), notes

The top half here were notes we kind of went over in class... 

contrast, before/after, with/without
projection interactive
significance- they're still getting used
why? "trying to elevate the world out of the muck"

making a better world, more humane existence
group information
no walls between 4 and 5, separate the space however
move able walls-app?

homes are machines to be lived in
rounded corners, we like rounded things, more secure/comfortable

benefits of each area,
warmth- a warm space?


coolest thing/best thing in the back/at the end of the exhibit- blocking a path with something important

people want to turn right to start once entered.

giant board game
life or death- choose the pillars or not, your building crumbles or it stays stable, garden or not, your mood is happy or it's shitty...
-get to the pillars- what they do. app- include these? yes or no


Which led us to our second idea...

A game

view the exhibit, then answer a question on the app in order to earn the parts
complete a physical activity to collect piece (plant something in the garden, move the walls, sit in the garden)
projection of a garden, use the ipad to plant seeds and water the flowers

collect pieces digitally and at the end you will see a representation of your choices

random notes:
Corbusier Survival School (parts the first aid kit, or your pack)

physical activity
to give you the answer to the ipad question
to collect the piece
to have a non messed up house at the end.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Artist bio:

I tend to classify who I think I am as an artist based off of my inspirations and the things that make me happy. I'm constantly listening to music while I work. It distracts from the comings and goings of the world around me and allows me to focus on the task ahead, not to mention that it puts me in a super swell mood. I am an eclectic sort of person and am able to find joy in any sort of project I am allowed to work on (from book design, to postcards, to tshirts or from museum pamphlets to rock band shenanigans). I enjoy humor and try hard to show that off in my work. If my design is fugly, I have no compunctions about calling it roached and starting over.

Resume content

Spat: Initial concepts for exhibit

We are proposing a simulation of one of his buildings inside of the space. We want to build a miniature "house" inside of the space with the ground floor on the first floor of the gallery and the upstairs gallery space will be used as the upper level of the "house" and the outside garden. Each section of the "house" will contain a blurb about why things are the way they are. AR will be used to enrich the experience of being "inside" or "outside" one of his houses (possibly such as seeing through a "window" to the "outside" while you're "inside the house."

If we build the house, we have two possibilities for the app.

1- If we build the house to look like the actual house, we could use an AR app that would be interactive with the various parts of the exhibit, for example:
Strong men replace the pillars and hold up the structure, look out the windows and see the sun, the roof garden becomes a garden of Eden or a rainforest, the open floor plan becomes the open ocean and the extended second floor could appear to stretch for miles.
2- OR we could build the house to look like the actual house and the various elements would all be color coded when you looked at them through an ipad/app (all the pillars would be red, the garden purple, etc.)

Either of those possibilities could be interchanged so the AR becomes the actual built elements and the actual house elements become the app.

The following photo shows some of our proposed floor plan and layout for the exhibit. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

PROprac: Career Path

There are many things that I want to do over the course of my life, so it's quite difficult for me to say in three years I want to work here or here, or live here or there. The following outline is one generalized path that I hope to take, with basic time line goals that will probably change as time goes on.

One Year From Now:
In one year I want to be employed somewhere where I make enough money to keep on top of my bills, support myself, and start paying back student loans.

In order to do this I must:
-I could just keep the job I have, which would require hard work, putting forth the effort to keep the job, continue making myself indispensable in the firm 
-Network with the people I know now in order to get my foot in the door somewhere that I can be employed.
-keep in contact with my design friends (school friends and professional friends)
-Have a portfolio worth hiring for
-Continue working to build my experience levels.

Three Years From Now:
I want to have a job that I really enjoy at a place that produces work that inspires me (Sagmeister Inc, Whiskey Design, Liquid 9, Monsters Are Good...)

In order to do this I must:
-Keep building my portfolio
-Apply to all the jobs I'm highly interested in, don't take "no" for an answer.
-continue to have a job where I can keep adding to my portfolio and hone my design skills
-network like a madman
-surround myself with things that make me happy (so I survive in a mindset that allows for me to be my most productive/creative self possible)
-possibly have a savings account I can relocate with if necessary (Sagmeister Inc would require relocating to NY for example...)

Five Years From Now/Eventually:
 I would like to move back to Maryland or move to Ireland and get a design job in one of those locations.

In order to do this I must:
-research firms I'm interested in in those areas
-secure a job
-secure housing/living
-secure transportation
-have a savings account I can use to relocate with
-network with friends I met in MD a while ago through the MICA pre-college program
-visit firms when I travel to Ireland this summer then keep in touch and try to make friends that I can network with in the future.
-accept opportunities that could further myself as a designer/person worth hiring before then

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drawing Exercise/Experiment 1-12-11

I had a dream a few nights back. In the dream my drawings had begun peeling themselves off the pages in my sketchbook and began walking around with a life of their own. My friends had become drawings, and my drawings became my friends.

The bug is an example of my drawing style.

The photos are a few that I took the day after the dream. I was lucky to have friends willing to let me draw on their faces.