Monday, September 28, 2015

Quotes: Third Quarter, 2015

Eric Melin: That's me with the tennis racket dressed like Gene Simmons. 

Eric: We are changed. 

Jason Elm: They're a hateraid drinking group of folks. 

Brendan O'Shaughnessy: Work like a captain. Play like a pirate. 

Me: Please tell me there are sloth memes.
Lauren: There are, and I found all of them. 

Lauren: You shut your mouth, man girl!

Jonny: Are you a dad perchance?
Dane: Fuck no! Just an exceptionally immature 23 year old. 
Jonny: Acceptable. 
Dane: The only children I'm interested in are my cats. 

Lauren: "Thanks for setting us up!" This is not a setup! This is a casual encounter! 

Lauren: That sip tasted like dirt. 

Alex: He's looking at photos of... Is that bacon or steak?
Rob: it's sickle cell anemia. 

Woodge: I feel like it would be a good addition to my deep fry Barbie McDonald's.

Woodge: I need a giraffe on my head. 

Rob: I think you're pretty grandeur. 

Me: They were just talking about you. 
Ryan: Do they think I'm cute? 

Rob after burping at a bag in his hand: I was speaking to these ancient beans in their ancient tongue.

Jason Elm: I had chances to leave, but never a reason. 

Jason: They can take your execution, but they can never take your idea. 

Jason: Capabilities don't give you expertise. 

Jason: Compromise up.

Joey: Bitches have night vision. 

Suzanne: Maybe that's the key—we need to get our clients high. 
Angie: I'll just be over here rolling for you guys. 

Steve: we can walk through there if you want to smell like axe body spray for the next week. 

Nick: Hey, Spencer! Want some whiskey and coke? 
Spencer: uh, duh! -takes the whole glass- 

Mom: Pelicans are assholes, but adorable to look at. 

Rob: Fine art's not going camping. 

Rob: And I can see daylight in her crotch area! 

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